gear references are not accurate, correction in progress

The 70's: (Info supplied by Rick Turner of Alembic)
Jerry used an extensively re-worked Strat. He played into a fender Twin Reverb amp with preamp outputs going to a Mcintosh 2300 amp. This powered three Alembic B-12 speaker cabinets which were stacked on their sides, so that he had a vertical column of speakers extending about eight feet into the air. They were stacked like this because it gave a much wider horizontal speread to the sound, with less spill going up into the rafters.

Garcia's Effects.
MXR Distortion + Script Logo for leads and gain.
MXR Analog Delay- the green one with 3 knobs.
MXR Phase 100 Script logo -( think candyman lead)
Mutron lll envelope filter- there is no other like it.
Mutron Octave Divider

In the 80's he changed the Mutron Octave Divider out for a Boss OC-2 octave divider. He ran his without the stabilizer and without the ring modulator on.

The gain /distortion sound went to a Boss HM-2, thats right Heavy Metal 2. He also added a BOSS OS-2 Overdrive/Distortion PEDAL and a Overdrive pedal, OD-1 both these pedals are yellow. After each of these he placed a Boss GE-7 Graphic Equalizer to shape the sounds of these pedals.

For a delay in the 80's and 90's he used an ADA 2FX which is actually a digital multi effects unit from the early 80's. He had this unit modified so that he could control the length of the delay and the regeneration with foot pedals. Those two knobs were actually missing from his rack unit. He used Ernie Ball foot pedals to sweep these parameters.

For Speakers he used JBL E120s stacked in a verticle cabinet in four then eventually three speaker configurations.

Check out this unusual speaker set up...

The image below links to a 6.8 MB Quicktime Movie about Jerry's Guitars.....
Garcia's stack; JBL E120s, stage left, sandwiched between Phil's power amps (Macintosh 2300s) and a stack of Fender Showmans during the European 72 tour.
Garcia's and Bob's rigs; Fender Twin Reverbs, Macintosh 2300s and various gizmos on the left. Phil's speaker cabinets and a stack of Fender Dual Showmans on the right.